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Time inevitably brings change. More than six and a half years after Radiology Daily began, this is the final post. Don’t worry! Launching next month will be a free, time-saving monthly e-newsletter, Oakstone’s new Highlights in Radiology. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get:

  • Insights from respected colleagues in the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging
  • Physician reviews of—and commentary on—radiology-related articles from leading medical journals
  • Unlimited online access anytime to archived Highlights in Radiology articles, including Radiology Daily posts and free reports on hot topics in radiology, so you can visit them whenever it’s convenient for you

If you’re receiving the current weekly version of Highlights in Radiology every Friday (summarizing the week’s Radiology Daily posts), then you’re automatically subscribed to the refreshed and expanded monthly edition. If not, then click here to give it a try—risk-free. You can unsubscribe at any time, and we do not share any information we collect about subscribers with our partners or other third parties.

Thanks for reading Radiology Daily. We think you’ll find the new Highlights in Radiology even more useful and relevant to your daily practice and your daily life. In designing it, we kept a guiding principle in mind: respect for your time.


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