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Inept CT Read Blamed For Unneeded Surgery

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A British Columbia woman is suing a former British Columbia radiologist because, she says, his misreading of her CT scan led to the unnecessary removal of part of her colon.

The accused doctor, Mansukhlal Mavji Parmar, MB BCh BAO, helped trigger a widespread, and still ongoing, investigation of radiology practices in the Canadian province. In February, the province’s health services minister said that two radiologists had interpreted scans for as many as 3,400 patients without proper credentials or experience. Dr. Parmar was later identified as one of the two.

Sophia Hilleren underwent a hemicolectomy in May 2010 because doctors thought she had colon cancer. According to a lawsuit she filed in British Columbia Supreme Court on July 19, that diagnosis was based in part on Dr. Parmar’s misreading of her CT scan.

After the surgery, the suit says, doctors found that she did not have cancer. Another radiologist re-read Hilleren’s scans and found no abnormalities, according to the suit. In June of this year, the suit says, Hilleren received a letter from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority saying that Dr. Parmar’s reading of her scan had been “misleading.”

The lawsuit names as defendants Dr. Parmar, the provincial health authority, and Dr. Parmar’s supervisor, whom it does not identify. The suit charges that:

Due to the negligence of the defendants, the plaintiff underwent unnecessary surgeries and … will be on medications for the rest of her life.

The suit says that Hilleren will likely suffer from diarrhea and malnutrition, as well as stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, and continual cramps. She is seeking damages for, among other things, pain and suffering, costs of future care and medication, and loss of income.

Hilleren’s lawyer told CTV News that he had not been able to find Dr. Parmar to serve him with the suit. CTV said Dr. Parmar was no longer practicing in British Columbia and could not be reached for comment.

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One Response to “Inept CT Read Blamed For Unneeded Surgery”

  1. Sharada on August 5th, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    How could a surgeon perform such an extensive surgery without a relevant clinical picture and also go over the CT examination with the radiologist?