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Radiation-Protection Swimwear: Only $1,073

October 22, 2013
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Hey, no need to cancel that beach vacation to Fukushima, Japan, just because of a little radioactive spillage from the crippled nuclear power plant. Merely don your new radiation-resistant swimwear, and you’ll be fine.

The Japanese materials company Yamamoto Corporation, based in Osaka, plans in November to introduce a full-body swimsuit that, it says, protects against beta radiation. The product is basically a wet suit made of rubber impregnated with carbon, and it weighs 6.6 pounds. In U.S. dollars, it will cost about $1,073.

Yamamoto also plans to sell lead-based underwear (a bargain at $825) that, it says, protects against gamma radiation. The underwear weighs 7.5 pounds and includes a U-shaped shield that protects, according to Google’s Japanese-to-English translation of a Yamamoto news release, the “part of the body that must be guarded absolutely from this gamma ray.”

In other words, the crotch area. The underwear looks as if it would be incredibly uncomfortable, probably even painful. Click on the news release link to see photos.

Both items appear to come in men’s styles only. The Russian television network RT, doing possibly a better job of translating than Google, quotes the news release as follows:

The clothes which protect from two kinds of radiation—beta and gamma rays—as described above are the first development of such kind in the world.

The clothing is designed for those who work in radioactive environments, such as the damaged Fukushima power plant. It’s an extension of Yamamoto’s core product line: rubber-based materials that include such, um, interesting products as Bio Rubber (“emits health enhancing far-infrared and bio waves,” according to the Web site).

The company also produces rubber-based business suits for men and women. They resist wrinkling, shed water, stretch, and protect from cold. However, if you want radiation shielding as well, you’re going to have to add the underwear. Or the wet suit. Or, for maximum peace of mind, both.

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