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Another Lawsuit In Perry Mammogram Case

March 30, 2012
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Lawsuits continue to accumulate in the case of the radiology technician accused of falsely entering negative results for 1,289 mammograms at a Perry, Georgia, hospital—even as the legal machinery in the case itself remains frozen.

The technician, Rachael Michelle Rapraeger, is accused of logging in to a computer system and marking the mammograms as normal even though no radiologist had read the scans.

The estate of Velma Riley on Monday filed a lawsuit in Bibb County, Georgia, against Rapraeger, the hospital, and various other medical entities, according to The Telegraph newspaper of Macon, Georgia. The lawsuit says that Riley, a teacher, had a mammogram in 2008 or 2009 at Perry Hospital and was told the finding was normal.

On April 1, 2010, the suit says, the hospital said it became aware that Rapraeger had falsified a number of mammogram results, including Riley’s. Riley was asked to come to the hospital for another mammogram. That new mammogram, the lawsuit says, showed metastatic breast cancer.

Riley died later in 2010 at age 57 of “breast cancer and shock,” the suit says. It says the delay in diagnosis and treatment because of the falsified mammogram finding led to the woman’s death.

As you may recall from earlier stories, Rapraeger was indicted in September 2010 on 10 counts of felony computer forgery and 10 counts of misdemeanor reckless conduct. The counts related to 10 women who, prosecutors said, had been incorrectly told as a result of Rapraeger’s false computer entries that their mammograms did not show breast cancer.

Rapraeger, who is free on bond, maintains her innocence, according to her lawyer. Prosecutors have said they were taking another look at the case to see whether anyone else was involved. It’s been a long look; hearings have been postponed several times.

Riley is not among the 10 women whose cases were mentioned in the indictment. Her death is the third among women who have said they received false “all clear” mammogram results at Perry Hospital. Five lawsuits have been filed—so far.

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