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Breast Cancer Cured With Yogurt?

April 19, 2010
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Breast cancer, or any other type of cancer, could some day be cured with yogurt, or at least the disease could be approached because of the way the dairy product travels through the body.

From the Cork Cancer Research Centre at University College Cork in Ireland, researchers have determined that because the harmless bacteria within yogurt can escape the digestive system, enter the blood stream and make a path almost anywhere, it could be used as vehicles for chemotherapy drugs, as described in an ABC News story. Yogurt, then, could prevent the necessity of administering painful IVs to patients and could, thus, preserve healthy tissue.

The “bacteria can leak out from the gut into the blood and grow inside tumors throughout the body where they can produce whatever we want,” said Mark Tangney, MD, principal investigator. “We can now genetically engineer these bacteria so that they will pump out anti-cancer agents specifically inside tumors,” he said.

At the University of Arkansas, other researchers are looking at another kind of protein and its role in breast cancer. They “are building a library of synthetically produced antibodies that can detect and rapidly validate proteins secreted by breast cancer cells,” as reported in Medical News Today.

“The selected affitoids will be used to determine a profile – a protein fingerprint – that indicates breast cancer,” said Shannon Servoss, assistant professor of chemical engineering. “Of course, all of this is happening at the cell level, before the tumor is detectable.” Better than affinity reagents, the synthetic affitoids are easier to produce, are less costly and are capable of targeting specific proteins.

The scientists would like to develop screening that would be as noninvasive, simple and inexpensive as a pregnancy test.

‘It is imaginable that, in this generation, a simple blood test could detect breast cancer at early stages and save thousands of lives,” Servoss said.

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