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Chat With A Radiologist! Prices Start At $75!

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Talk to a real, live radiologist—for as little as $75!

That’s part of the pitch for MedisMD, a radiology second-opinion service that, for $150 to $250, will do a second-opinion report on a variety of scans that includes a 15-minute phone consultation with a radiologist. If a patient is just confused about what a radiology report is saying but doesn’t need a second look at a scan, an explanation by phone is $75.

MedisMD is actually a rebranding of Radiia, a Chicago-based teleradiology company that began offering a second-opinion service last year (as we reported in April 2011). At that time, prices were $200 for a second read of MRIs, CTs, and mammograms, and $100 for X-rays and ultrasounds. A 15-minute phone consultation cost $50 extra.

Now the phone chat is included in the basic price: $250 for  a re-read of MRI, CT, PET, mammography, nuclear medicine, and echocardiography scans, $150 for X-ray and ultrasound. Also included is a one-year subscription to a cloud-based image vault for storing and managing images.

MedisMD President and CEO Gregory Goldstein, MD, a radiologist, touts this as a sort of rebranding for his entire profession:

Radiologists need to speak to patients—it’s time to step away from the computer screens and start interacting directly with patients. It’s essential for people to understand the central role radiologists play in health care—and how our interpretations are a critical piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

Dr. Goldstein was quoted—or rather, quoted himself—in a news release via PRWeb. From the consumer point of view, he sees his service as providing a “personalized approach to radiologic secondary reviews, designed to empower patients,” according to the news release.

“Second opinions in medicine are of critical importance, especially in radiology,” Dr. Goldstein said. “We offer direct access to leading U.S.-based radiologists who can talk to you about your radiology exam and help you better understand the findings and their implications.”

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