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In Digital Mammography, Different Equipment May Mean Different Measurements

March 5, 2010
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PACS systems or review stations don’t always correctly display and measure lesions on magnified images, even though they have FDA approval. That’s according to a small study published in the January issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Currently the FDA has approved eight digital mammogram systems. However, none of the literature on image quality among these systems addresses measurement accuracy, the Colorado researchers say.

Using an acrylic disk. the team took measurements in various magnification views across different systems, then compared them with measurements made with electronic calipers. Here’s how the 1-cm disk measured:

First system:

  • 1.05 cm (nonmagnification)
  • 1.64 cm (1.6x magnification)

Second system:

  • .99 cm (non magnification)
  • .66 cm (1.5x magnification)

Third system:

  • Accurate in both views (this system used Selenia from Hologic for acquisition and a PACS viewing station designed by Horizon Medical Imaging from McKesson.)

“This brief yet informative paper tells us that simply assuming that DICOM-compatible FDA-approved equipment will work together seamlessly is unacceptable,” says reviewer Basil Hubbi, MD. “Any practice that is transitioning to digital soft copy reading or employs equipment from various manufacturers should be aware of this potential problem.”

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