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Lawsuit: Mammogram Request Leads to Firing

October 29, 2012
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A Georgia woman is suing Little League, saying the youth baseball organization fired her when she said she needed a mammogram.

Kristine Corzine filed the lawsuit earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Georgia, according to The Telegraph newspaper of Macon, Georgia.

The lawsuit says Corzine was hired in late 2010 as a receptionist and file clerk at Little League’s Southeastern Region office in Warner Robins, Georgia. She never received a negative job-performance review, the lawsuit says—until July 6, 2011.

The day before, a doctor had told her she had a lump in her breast and needed a mammogram. So, on July 6, she informed her supervisor and asked to leave work early to get the mammogram.

That afternoon, she said, she got a phone call from the human resources director at Little League International in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. According to the lawsuit:

During the telephone conference, the HR director informed Ms. Corzine that she was being terminated because she had not shown she was ‘a good fit for this organization.’ She was further told she had trouble multitasking, she did not get along well with other employees in the office, and that she was distracted by personal issues outside the office. None of these statements were true.

Corzine did have breast cancer, according to the lawsuit. But, it says, she has remained able to perform the job. The lawsuit says her firing violated the Americans With Disabilities Act. It seeks a trial by jury, compensatory damages, back pay with interest, and front pay. (Front pay is money paid in lieu of reinstatement in cases where no amicable working relationship is deemed to be possible.)

Little League International has not filed a response in court. A spokesman said the organization knew of the lawsuit but had a policy of not discussing personnel matters or pending legal matters.

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