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Scanning Your 10 Favorite (?) Stories Of 2010

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These may not actually have been your “favorites,” unless you’re all big fans of lawsuits. But the following Radiology Daily stories did attract the most page views in 2010. We’ll list them in order of popularity, starting at the top:

  1. Lawsuit Says Radiologist Missed Breast Cancer: A Quebec woman said a radiologist failed to notice signs of cancer that showed up in 2006 and 2008 mammograms, plus a 2008 ultrasound, before a different doctor in 2009 found cancer in both breasts that had spread to her lymph nodes. A second Quebec woman sued a different radiologist for also missing breast cancer in a mammogram. Lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard, who represented both women, said the province has a problem with mammography “quality control.”
  2. “Sex-ray Calendar” Aimed At Radiologists: Japanese monitor maker Eizo is re-releasing the X-ray pinup calendar in a 2011 version costing 69.90 euros (about $93)—but, alas, only in Germany.
  3. Radiologist Gets $4 Million For Privileges Loss: A radiologist actually ended up on the winning side of a lawsuit.
  4. Radiologists Sued For Wrongful Birth: This one also made the “top 5 law stories of 2010” list of a Maryland legal blog.
  5. Faked Mammogram Results Bring Indictment: The Georgia technician accused of entering “all-clear” results for 1,289 mammograms before they could be seen by a doctor was freed after posting $50,000 bail. In November, she entered a plea of “not guilty.” Her trial is tentatively scheduled for April.
  6. Lawsuit Over Boy’s 65-Minute CT Scan Settled: Disciplinary hearing transcripts released several weeks after the settlement show the technologist involved disputing both the mother’s testimony and the records of the scanner itself.
  7. Practice Sued Over Lack Of Mammograms: The widower of a woman who died from metastatic breast cancer sued a family-practice clinic for never suggesting that his late wife have a mammogram.
  8. $5.3 Million Settlement Ends MRI-Related Suit: A radiologist said he never saw an MRI result that might have saved a woman’s life. An opposing attorney said a review of the doctor’s computer proved otherwise.
  9. Report Says Radiologists Will Stay In Demand: Hey, now we’re getting to some good news. Except for that part about 29 percent of radiologists saying that if they could relive their lives, they would not choose a career in medicine.
  10. Radiologist Saves Little Girl From Paralysis: We can’t think of a better story to end the year with. Please, if you haven’t seen this, take a moment to read about 2-year-old Chloe Wash and the doctor from halfway around the world who miraculously cured a condition that is “so rare that we don’t know how they recover.”

As we leave 2010 behind, our number one wish for you, our readers, is that you and the ones you love enjoy a wonderful 2011. Happy new year!

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