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Singer Puts Name On Breast Imaging Clinic

August 25, 2010
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Singer and breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow has announced the opening of the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center, which she describes as “a state-of-the-art breast imaging center featuring the latest advancements in digital screening and diagnostic imaging technologies.”

Of course it would have the “latest advancements”; after all, it’s in Beverly Hills, California.

Actually, the high-end address is attributable to the fact that it is inside the headquarters location of the Pink Lotus Breast Center, founded by Kristi Funk, MD, who performed Crow’s lumpectomy surgery following the singer’s breast-cancer diagnosis.

In a Tuesday post on her Web site, Crow said, “Many of the problems with the breast health system in this country are inherently due to a disunited approach—for the most part, centers ignore the value of comprehensive care, they employ failing business models and lack technological sophistication.”

She described the Pink Lotus Breast Center as “the only fully integrative and comprehensive solution for breast cancer patients available today.”

Crow said her purpose in putting her name on the center was “not financial gain.” Instead, she said:

As a breast cancer survivor myself, helping other women catch the disease early, and helping them through treatment, is something I am proud to fully support with my name.

The singer was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer following a routine mammogram in February 2006, at age 43. She underwent successful surgery and radiation therapy.

The clinic is to be the first of many. Said Dr. Funk in a news release: “The Sheryl Crow Imaging Center is an essential component of every breast center we build, and we look forward to bringing our unique approach to breast health to more women as the Pink Lotus Breast Center expands to other parts of the country.”

The announcement followed unrelated news about another breast imaging clinic that apparently was not state-of-the-art. The Food and Drug Administration last week issued an alert about mammograms performed from May 21, 2008, through September 30, 2009, at Med Pro Imaging in Plantation, Florida (near Fort Lauderdale). The FDA said that because of “possible problems with the quality of mammograms,” it suggested that “patients might need to have their mammograms reevaluated and possibly repeated.” According to the FDA, the facility is under new management and operating as Rivero Diagnostic Center.

We’ll conclude by borrowing the closing line of Crow’s post: “Much health to all of you!”

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