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CT Shows Surprising Morphologic Changes in Patients With Asthma

December 30, 2009
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Patients with asthma may have significant changes in their bronchial structure that reflect restrictions in airflow, a small new study finds. The research appears in the December issue of Radiology.

Using data from CT scans and pulmonary function tests performed on 27 patients, researchers in France compared bronchial measurements in 15 men and women with asthma to those of 12 healthy people. The team used special software to compute lumen area (LA), total area (TA), and wall area (WA). Compared to their healthier counterparts, the people with asthma had signficantly lower LA, TA, and WA and higher WA/LA and WA/TA ratios from the fourth generation bronchus and downward.

“It would be interesting to see if there is any reversal in these changes depending upon pharmacologic therapy,” says Vineet R. Jain, MD, who reviewed the study.


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