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$60 Million GE-NFL Project Boosts Imaging

March 18, 2013
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Imaging should get a big boost from a $60 million anti-concussion collaboration announced last week by GE and the National Football League.

The Head Health Initiative consists of two parts. One involves a four-year, $40 million research and development effort to identify imaging biomarkers for concussion. The other is a pair of two-year technology challenges offering up to $10 million apiece for improvements in diagnosing and researching mild traumatic brain injury.

You can learn more at this Web site.

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Here’s a correction we’re happy to post: Contrary to what we reported last week, a new type of MRI known as magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF) would indeed require interpretation by a radiologist, according to the radiology professor who has been working on the technology for a decade.

A news release (since corrected) had said, “A full-body scan lasting just minutes would provide far more information and require no radiologist to interpret the data.” You can see why that sentence  caught our eye.

But Mark Griswold, PhD, the Case Western Reserve University radiology professor who was senior author of an article about MRF, e-mailed to tell us the “no need for radiologists” part was a mistake by the news release writer. The writer had misinterpreted an offhand remark speculating that “our visualization would eventually make things so obvious that even a nonradiologist would be able to see disease.”

In fact, Dr. Griswold said, the goals of the project “do truly involve a close coordination with radiologists.” He said he and his team aim to greatly increase the amount of information that an MR scan can generate while at the same time greatly simplifying the scanner interface and controls. “The vast majority of the important controls and sequence design could happen once at the factory,” he wrote in his e-mail, “and the end user would just be presented with a big ‘scan’ button.”

We’re happy to set the record straight and to apologize to Dr. Griswold and to our readers for passing along inaccurate information. We look forward to following the development of MRF.

* * *

A reintroduced congressional bill would force Medicare to reimburse for CT colonography—also known as virtual colonoscopy. For details, see our Facebook page.

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