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Second-Opinion Reads Offered To Consumers

August 10, 2011
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Radiia, a Chicago-based teleradiology company, has launched a new service. It now provides second-opinion reads of medical images for consumers—and lawyers.

Radiia charges consumers $200 per exam for MRI, CT, and mammograms, and $100 for X-rays and ultrasound. Its Web site promises a “detailed comprehensive report with necessary and appropriate recommendations delivered within 24-48 hours.” According to a news release announcing the consumer service, those prices will increase September 1.

Expedited service (less than 12 hours) costs $50 more. Other $50 extras are a 15-minute phone consultation and a comparison study of earlier scans of the same body part.

The Web site notes that insurance does not cover the second-opinion services.

Radiia says all of its 11 radiologists (including founder and president Gregory Goldstein, MD) are U.S. board certified and fellowship trained, with at least 10 years of experience each.

In the news release, Dr. Goldstein says:

This service breaks new ground in consumer healthcare. Giving patients direct access to highly skilled board-certified radiologists has not been done like this before. … Radiia gives patients the information and confidence they need to help them and their physicians make the best treatment decisions.

Lawyers pay $250 for an oral report and $500 for a written report. Radiia also offers lawyers expert-witness testimony and “feedback on personal injury cases, workman’s compensation, and expert witness related services.”

The Radiia Web site suggests that consumers might want a second opinion because “you can get a different perspective on your options. Some doctors are more conservative and others more aggressive. There may be good arguments for several different options; getting a second opinion can be a good way to hear some of them. No doctor can know everything or make the right decision all the time. A second opinion can also serve as a general quality check—to make sure you’re really getting the most up-to-date, most accurate diagnostic evaluation.”

The Web site doesn’t say why lawyers might want a second opinion, but, well, we all know.

Radiia does require clients to provide their physician’s name and contact information “so that we can make sure he or she receives a copy of the second opinion report and so we can communicate directly, if necessary.”

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