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Emergency Radiology Section

February 19, 2009
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Welcome to the Emergency Radiology Section of Radiology Daily.

In the Emergency Radiology section, we will be keeping you up to date on the latest information in the field of Emergency Radiology, including x-ray, EKG, CT, MRI and more.

We will also include news on the current clinical challenges in Emergency Radiology, and best practices.

Emergency Radiology The University of Washington School of Medicine, Harborview Medical Center, Department of Radiology * Features case-based presentations with extensive explanations – 15 hours of video * What, when, and how of imaging in relation to specific topics in emergency medicine * Stresses the interaction and communication required to be an effective part of the emergency medicine team * Provides guidance in diagnosis of polytrauma, commonly missed diagnoses, and when to change existing protocols Click here to read more or order: Emergency Radiology

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