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Nonsterile US Gel Does Not Influence Biopsy Site Asepsis

February 11, 2008
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The objective of a recent study was to determine if the use of nonsterile US gel before a biopsy results in biopsy site asepsis.

The study has concluded that the use of prebiopsy nonsterile US gel does not influence biopsy site asepsis.

60 patients referred for US-guided biopsies were assigned to one of two groups. Group 1 had prebiopsy US with nonsterile gel, and the other group had prebiopsy US with sterile saline. The biopsy site was then prepped with aseptic precautions.

The target area was swabbed before and after the prep, and the swabs were inoculated. Other factors that could influence sepsis, such as the presence of diabetes, renal failure, or malignancy, were also factored in to the analysis.

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Results of the Study
The cultures obtained revealed no increase in growth in the areas where nonsterile US gel was used.

The use of prebiopsy nonsterile US gel does not influence biopsy site asepsis. Underlying comorbid illness, especially diabetes, renal failure, and malignancy, are associated with impairment in immune function and can be associated with higher periprocedural infections.

Author: Sohail Contractor, MD

Gurel K, Karabay O, et al. Does Prebiopsy, Nonsterile Ultrasonography Gel Affect Biopsy-Site Asepsis?
Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol; 2008; 31 (January-February): 131-134


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