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Fired Radiologist Alleges Phone Death Threats

January 11, 2013
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Like a zombie rising from the grave, the legal wrangling between fired University of Iowa radiology professor Malik Juweid, MD, has been resurrected—this time halfway around the world.

In December, as we reported at Radiology Daily and on our Facebook page, a court confirmed that, at Dr. Juweid’s request, his lawsuit against the university and various of its officials had been dismissed.

Last week, however, came word that Dr. Juweid has accused two of his former bosses of threatening him with death. University Associate Medical School Dean Lois Geist, MD, and former Dean Paul Rothman, MD, who since July has been dean of the medical faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, face charges in Jordan, Dr. Juweid’s home country and his current place of residence.

The charges are based solely on Dr. Juweid’s statement to a prosecutor, according to the Associated Press. University spokesman Tom Moore said the charges were baseless and part of a campaign of harrassment by Dr. Juweid:

What the university is trying to figure out at this point is how is it possible that two American citizens who have never been to Jordan can be subject to jurisdiction in the Jordanian criminal courts. The university has retained legal counsel to try and get answers and if needed will provide a defense to both Dr. Rothman and Dr. Geist.

Dr. Juweid and the university have been battling each other for years. The university placed the former professor on administrative leave in January 2011 and fired him in August 2012. He has dropped his lawsuit, but he still faces a criminal harassment charge in Iowa, should he ever return there, for what Dr. Geist said was a threatening phone call to her. Dr. Juweid denies making the call. Moore says it was recorded.

The latest accusation is that Dr. Geist called Dr. Juweid in April on his cell phone and warned him that if he returned to the United States to pursue his lawsuit, Dr. Geist and Dr. Rothman could have him killed, possibly by the Mafia. Dr. Juweid described the alleged call in a statement under oath to Jordanian prosecutors, who then filed the charges.

According to Moore, Dr. Geist says she never made the call and hasn’t initiated contact with Dr. Juweid since he left the United States in June 2011.

Apparently, nobody has checked with the Mafia for comment. We would have, but the organization doesn’t seem to have a Web site or listed phone number.

There will, inevitably, be more. Stay tuned.

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A radiology technologist is suing a New Hampshire hospital, saying it discriminated against her because she was pregnant. For details, see our Facebook page.

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