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Stormy Hearing Begins Iowa Radiologist’s Exit

June 19, 2012
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The show is nearing an end. The University of Iowa held a hearing on Friday, and its result later this summer will be the firing of Malik Juweid, MD, from his position as a university radiologist.

Dr. Juweid knows it. Referring to university President Sally Mason, PhD, he said during the hearing:

I will be fired. Mason is going to fire me.”

Dr. Juweid was quoted in a story about the hearing in the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper in Iowa City, Iowa. We’ve been following his soap-opera saga for more than a year, writing about it most recently on May 1, when he offered to resign as medical director of nuclear medicine and tenured professor of radiology—but not until the end of this year.

The university put him on paid suspension in January 2011 for what it called disruptive behavior. If anything, Dr. Juweid’s actions at the hearing seemed to bolster the university’s case. He participated via a Skype video link from his current home in Amman, Jordan. Dr. Juweid is a Jordanian-born American citizen.

Two members of the university’s Threat Assessment Team said they found that a majority of Dr. Juweid’s colleagues  in the radiology department said he scared them. Lieutenant Peter Berkson of the university’s Police Department, a team member, testified:

There was a great fear and concern in the workplace. It made us wonder how the department could function with that much fear in the workplace. He was unpredictable, very emotional. Angry.

Dr. Juweid did not testify on his own behalf nor call any witnesses. He did did give an opening and closing statement and cross-examine the witnesses. They were the two members of the Threat Assessment Team and Lois Geist, MD, associate dean of the university’s Carver College of Medicine. Several times, the hearing panel admonished him about being argumentative during cross-examination.

Dr. Juweid particularly sparred with Dr. Geist, who said she had warned him several times about disturbing e-mails and personal interactions. Dr. Juweid shouted at her and accused her of being a “big liar.” He suggested that she had threatened him with rape and said he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and nightmares about being sodomized.

Each side has until July 9 to submit further written material to the hearing panel. At some point after that, it will submit a recommendation to Dr. Mason. Her acceptance or rejection of the recommendation will be final, subject to potential appeal to the state Board of Regents. Or, of course, court action.

Dr. Juweid’s chances of retaining his job appear to be vanishingly small.

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