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‘Sex-ray Calendar’ Aimed At Radiologists

July 23, 2010
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In this calendar, they take it all off—all the way down to the bone.

A German advertising agency promoting a new monitor to German radiologists came up with a maximum-exposure calendar. It features 12 full-body X-rays of women in sultry pinup poses.

Okay, before we go any further, we know what you want. Here they are, Miss January through Miss December.

The Local, an English-language Web site that covers news about Germany, reported that the idea came from the Düsseldorf-based advertising agency Butter. The Japanese computer display maker Eizo had developed a new monitor that, it said, offered high-resolution grays that are especially helpful in imaging diseased tissue. It hired Butter to promote the monitor to German radiologists. Butter came up with the calendar concept, though nobody now remembers exactly how.

“In the shower,” said Butter’s Reinhard Heinke. “Or staring at the wall.”

It worked. The calendar was sent to 200 radiologists. Those who were not among the chosen few began besieging the agency with requests for calendars of their very own. Said Butter art director Nadine Schlichte:

One doctor who missed out was so thrilled by the idea that he even offered us a kidney.

She didn’t specify whether it was his own or somebody else’s.

You’ll be relieved to know that no models were harmed, even potentially, during the making of the calendar. There actually weren’t any models. The photos are computer-generated images based on poses from Playboy magazine.

“Obviously, we didn’t want to expose models to dangerous radiation,” Schlichte said told Financial Times Deutschland. So the artists consulted a few issues of Playboy to determine “what poses look erotic if you’re not actually seeing anything,” she said. Then they had a computer generate those poses in skeletal form.

As for “not actually seeing anything,” that’s not quite accurate. Schlichte noted, “Anyone taking a close look at Miss April can see two silicon bags floating in front of her thorax.”

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