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Artist Gets MRI Scan And Hears Beautiful Music

July 27, 2011
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Mira Calix had an MRI scan, and the noises made her think of a string quartet.

Calix is a British singer, DJ, and composer. Several years ago, doctors thought she might have a brain tumor. So, she explained in a BBC video, “I went for an MRI scan, and no one had warned me how loud it was going to be.”

How loud was it? “It’s like standing next to a jet engine on a runway.”

She had intended to listen a CD of electronic music during the scan. “But the machine swallowed the music.” And so, she decided:

If I’m ever in this machine again, I’m going to bring a string quartet because I thought that the rhythmic patterns with a string quartet would make something wonderful.

They did certainly make something interesting: a musical composition called Brainwaves. Calix collaborated on it with another British composer, Anna Meredith. Meredith has never had an MRI scan, though she tried:

I was going to have one, but because I have dental implants, they weren’t going to let me because there’s a chance, ’cause of the giant magnet, they might ping out, which sounds a bit scary.

Yes, having dental implants “ping out” of your mouth certainly sounds just a bit scary. However, Meredith did get to stand a meter away from a machine during a scan, “and the noise was unbelievable. I’ve never heard anything like it. For someone working with sound, it’s such a gift to be given something like that to work with.”

You just missed a performance of Brainwaves last Friday at a historic London theater called Wilton’s. But the second video on this page lets you sample a few minutes of the music, which blends the string quartet with a variety of electronic sounds. I thought it was surprisingly, even achingly, emotional, but I probably enjoy contemporary classical music more than most people.

Does it, as the Wilton’s Web site says, evoke the “exhilarating sonic and emotional experience of undergoing a brain scan”? Judge for yourself. You’ll definitely recognize the MRI influences. As for exhilaration …

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