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Iowa Radiologist Sues Over … Lots Of Things

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What started as a dispute over pay at the University of Iowa Hospitals radiology department and degenerated into conflicting accusations and two civil-rights complaints has now, inevitably, become a lawsuit.

Malik Juweid, MD, a tenured professor in nuclear medicine, filed the lawsuit on Friday. It claims that hospital officials are trying to prevent him from reporting on the hospitals’ questionable use of brain scans on children.

The lawsuit also accuses hospital officials of racial discrimination, defamation, and retaliation. It says they defamed him by calling him an “academic terrorist” and made it impossible for him to obtain employment at other hospitals by falsely depicting him as threatening or violent.

Tom Moore, a university spokesman, said university representatives were were prohibited from discussing pending litigation and thus would have no comment.

Dr. Juweid is a Jordanian-born naturalized U.S. citizen. We first covered his case back in December; click here for that post. Here’s what’s happened since then, as summed up by the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper:

  • In January, the university placed Dr. Juweid on paid administrative leave and banned him from visiting the campus without a police escort. It said he had threatened university and hospitals officials and employees. Dr. Juweid’s lawsuit says those accusations are “completely false.”
  • In February, the Associated Press reported that the university had initiated action that could lead to Dr. Juweid’s dismissal.

Dr. Juweid’s claims about excessive scans of children hadn’t gotten much public attention, what with all the other things the various parties have been accusing each other of, but he apparently has been making them for some time.

Back in February, Dr. Juweid, or someone claiming to be him, posted at the Huffington Post copies of what he said were e-mails he had sent. This one accuses the University of Iowa Hospitals of “subjecting innocent Iowa Children … to significantly increased risk of developing leukemia by having them undergo unnecessary scans resulting in delivering what amounts to 4000-6000 chest X-rays, on average, and in one child almost 20,000 chest X-rays.”

The e-mail said Dr. Juweid had been making “calls for corrective action” since March 2010. It concludes: “But I will not leave until those children receive justice even if I am terminated. I will then leave this state proud of what I did.”

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