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February 23, 2009
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Welcome to the Neuroradiology Section of Radiology Daily.

In the Neuroradiology section, we will be keeping you up to date on the latest information in the field of Neuroradiology, including x-ray, MRI, Bone Scintigraphy, PET, PET/CT, and SPECT/CT.

We will also include news on the current clinical challenges in Neuroradiology, interpreting imaging studies, and how to use the various imaging technologies in the hope of better patient outcomes.

Neuroradiology Review

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Course Directors: David Yousem, MD, MBA and Doris Lin, MD, PhD Maintaining certification requires not only medical knowledge to deliver quality care but also other essential elements that must be developed and maintained throughout every radiologist’s career. Therefore, this program serves as a comprehensive review of neuro-radiology and prepares the participants to tackle imaging of the brain, spine, head and neck, as well as the vascular anatomy of the central nervous system. Click here to read more or order: Neuroradiology Review


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