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Iowa Radiologist Finally Offers To Quit, Later

May 1, 2012
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The contentious saga of suspended University of Iowa radiologist Malik Juweid, MD, finally appears to be nearing a climax. Dr. Juweid has offered to resign as an Iowa radiology professor. But not just yet.

We’ve been following the case for two years. Most recently, we let you know that as part of his lawsuit against the university, Dr. Juweid in March won a court order that he be restored to paid from unpaid leave. Here’s the latest, according to The Gazette newspaper of Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

In mid-April, Dr. Juweid’s lawyer withdrew the whistleblower suit he had filed against the university on Dr. Juweid’s behalf. (The doctor said he was being retaliated against for revealing overuse of X-ray scanning, particularly on children.) The lawyer, Rockne Cole, said he was no longer representing the doctor because they could not maintain “common ground on litigation strategy.”

The university scheduled a disciplinary hearing for June as part of a process that could lead to Dr. Juweid’s firing. On Thursday, Dr. Juweid sent an e-mail to university President Sally Mason, copying it to The Gazette, offering to resign as medical director of nuclear medicine and tenured professor of radiology.

The catch? He wants the resignation effective in December and wants his health insurance coverage to remain active through the end of the year because his family needs “very expensive medication that we cannot afford but is currently covered by insurance.”

Dr. Juweid explained:

Fortunately, I have succeeded in securing a temporary position as a nuclear physician in Germany with an effective date of 1/1/2013. Until then, I am completely dependent on the salary/compensation from the university, which is to continue until resignation or termination per the order of Honorable Judge Grady.

That salary is $241,000 a year. University spokesman Tom Moore said the university was aware of the offer, though “President Mason told me she does not receive Dr. Juweid’s e-mails.” He said the university would consult with an attorney before responding.

Dr. Juweid is not going quietly. “I am resigning as a hero,” he wrote, because he “dared to protest against various forms of discrimination against foreign-born faculty at the University of Iowa.” He is a Jordanian-born U.S. citizen.

He did close by wishing good luck to “all decent faculty, employees and students.”

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