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New Report Rips Iowa Radiology Department

October 26, 2011
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It turns out that University of Iowa radiology professor Malik Juweid, MD, isn’t the only one who doesn’t think much of his boss. A new review of the radiology department contains the following assessment of Laurie Fajardo, MD, chair of the department:

Dr. Fajardo is widely considered a weak and ineffective advocate for the Department, an uninvolved mentor, and a poor recruiter. This has contributed to the low morale that appears to affect most faculty members, including all ranks and tracks.

There’s more:

Beyond low morale, the faculty members believe they are overworked, underappreciated, and undercompensated. Recruitment is a grave concern, as is appropriate succession planning. Communication at all levels, but mainly from the leadership to the ranks, remains problematic.

Ryan J. Foley of The Associated Press obtained a copy of the report and described its contents early this week. The review committee included doctors from the University of Minnesota and Ohio State University as well as Iowa.

Dr. Fajardo, whose annual salary is $501,000, said in the report that she believes the department is healthy and making progress. She did acknowledge some challenges, including hiring key faculty in specific areas, planning to replace professors who will soon retire, and maintaining competitive salaries despite tight budgets.

And of course there’s the challenge of dealing with the lawsuit that Dr Juweid has filed against her and other university officials. Dr. Juweid has been on paid leave since January, accused of disruptive behavior. Proceedings that might have led to his firing are on hold while his lawsuit plays out. (We’ve reported on this previously, most recently in September.)

Dr. Juweid’s lawyer, Rockne Cole, is of course loving this latest development. He commented:

The report appears to confirm or be consistent with Malik’s concerns that he’s identified for well over 12 months. We contend in the lawsuit that is one of the reasons why he was placed on administrative leave, because of concerns about her leadership.

The review did find some positives, but the negatives outnumber them. The report concludes:

Leadership must be stronger in advocating for the Department and restoring an atmosphere of scholarship. Leadership must work toward restoring faculty morale. This is a multifacted problem, but needs to be squarely addressed.

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