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Radiologists Are Real (People Too)

April 20, 2010
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We appreciate your work and the knowledge, experience and education you have gained toward it and through it. We also value the avocational part of you, whatever form that may take, and we want to celebrate it.

Our Radiologists Are Real (People Too) series will highlight your other side. Do you bike? Bake gourmet dog biscuits? Volunteer at a food bank? E-mail us at editor@radiologydaily.com and let us know about your or your colleagues’ real humanity, interests or humanitarian efforts.

Beginning April 23, we’ll start the series with an article on Keith D. Wilson, MD, medical director of the PET-CT and MRI office, radiologist with the Breast Care Center of Toledo Hospital in Ohio and author of two crime novels and two nonfiction reference books.

Known among his writer cohorts, but not among his medical ones, as Dr. Death, Dr. Wilson assists other fiction authors in how to properly kill off their characters and how to appropriately explain the reasons for their passings. His Cause of Death is a writer’s guide to accurate medical information and terminology which “should be in the library of every police department, law enforcement academy and college,” one reviewer said.

Look for more about his other books and about the doctor himself on Friday.

And we look forward to knowing more about you and to writing your story, here, at Radiology Daily. Let us hear from you.

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