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Radiologists’ Income Rebounds Nicely In 2012

April 29, 2013
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Radiologists, on average, regained in 2012 almost all of the income they lost in 2011, according to the annual Physician Compensation Report from Medscape.

The mean income of radiologists in 2012 was $349,000, according to the report, compared with $315,000 in the 2011 edition of the report and $350,000 in 2010. The 2012 compensation was third on the specialty list behind orthopedists ($405,000) and cardiologists ($357,000). At the bottom were specialists in HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases, with a mean income of $170,000.

Overall, Medscape said, it was a good year:

Physicians have done well in 2012, and radiologists are near the top of the ranks.

Medscape reported that 16 percent of radiologists earned $500,000 or more and about 8 percent earned $100,000 or less.

As usual, compensation varied widely by geography. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Southwest (Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico): $407,000
  • South Central (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas): $383,000
  • Southeast (Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida): $374,000
  • Great Lakes (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio): $355,000
  • West (California, Hawaii): $346,000
  • Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska): $336,000
  • Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, North and South Carolina): $335,000
  • Northeast (New England plus New York): $319,000
  • North Central (the Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri): $313,000

The survey did find significant discontent. Only 58 percent of radiologists said they were fairly compensated (down from 62 percent in 2011), and only 33 percent said they would choose medicine as a career if they could do their lives over (down from 44 percent in 2011). Only 17 percent of radiologists said they would choose the same practice setting, compared with 22 percent in 2011.

Here’s the practice setting breakdown:

  • Multispecialty group practice: $390,000
  • Single-specialty group practice: $390,000
  • Other: $380,000
  • Hospital: $354,000
  • Health care organization: $351,000
  • Outpatient clinic: $347,000
  • Solo practice: ($299,000
  • Academic (includes research, military, government): $236,000

The percentage of radiologists in accountable care organizations jumped sharply. In 2011, 6 percent either participated in an ACO or planned to join one in the following year. In 2012, the corresponding percentage was 20. It will be interesting to see how that accelerating trend will affect future compensation and job satisfaction.

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