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Radiology Profs Share In $4.65 Million Payout

December 28, 2012
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Five years after they filed a lawsuit, 10 University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) professors—including two radiology professors—have won a $4.65 million settlement in a sex-discrimination case involving pay disparities between male and female faculty members.

Female faculty members at UMDNJ’s New Jersey Medical School, based in Newark, gathered salary data using New Jersey’s open public records law. They discovered that they were being paid less than their male counterparts, according to the Star-Ledger newspaper of Newark.

They asked UMDNJ, a public university, to equalize the salaries. University administrators declined to act, so, in 2007, the women filed suit. After five years of wrangling in court, during which the university lost several key rulings in Superior Court, the two parties finalized a settlement earlier this month.

The 10 professors who brought the lawsuit, including radiology professors Helene Hill, PhD, and Gudrun Lange, PhD, will share the $4.65 million. Some of the women will also receive raises.

Neil Mullin, one of their attorneys, enthused:

This is a really big victory for the women faculty members at UMDNJ. UMDNJ has been treating them as second-class citizens for as far back as records go.

The lawsuit said that faculty members hired as full professors earned a mean salary of $135,652 if they were women and $154,768 if they were men. Faculty members promoted to full professor from within the medical school earned a mean of $128,884 if they were women and $139,684 if they were men, according to the suit.

The suit said it took women an average of 20.5 years to earn the rank of full professor after receiving their doctoral degrees and men an average of 15.5 years.

The long-term effect of the settlement isn’t clear. UMDNJ is preparing to dissolve. Most of its schools, including the New Jersey Medical School, will become part of Rutgers University in July.

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