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Practical Reviews Online, December 30, 2008

January 1, 2009
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Table of Contents

FDG PET/CT Has 90% Overall Accuracy for Diagnosis of FUO
Keidar Z, Gurman-Balbir A, et al: J Nucl Med; 2008;49 (December): 1980-1985

Expert Opinions on Clinical Scenarios Determine Appropriateness of Revascularization
Gerbaud L, Manhes G, et al: Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol; 2008;31 (November-December): 1059-1068

Endovascular Management Shows Promise for RAAA
Gerassimidis TS, Karkos CD, et al: Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol; 2008;October 18 (epub ahead of print):

Does VTP Cause Future Vertebral Fractures in Untreated Vertebral Bodies?
Hierholzer J, Fuchs H, et al: Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol; 2008;31 (November-December): 1178-1183

Restaging of NPC: 2 Modalities Are Better Than 1
Comoretto M, Balestreri L, et al: Radiology; 2008;249 (October): 203-211

Are Laryngeal Cartilages Invaded? New Criteria for SCC of the Larynx
Becker M, Zbären P, et al: Radiology; 2008;249 (November): 551-559

Minkowski Functions: Quantitative Classification of Breast Parenchymal Density
Boehm HF, Schneider T, et al: AJR; 2008;191 (December): W275-W282

Marginal Improvement Using Dual-Head Imaging Is Impressive
Hruska CB, Phillips SW, et al: AJR; 2008;191 (December): 1805-1815

MRI Is Poor Screening Test for Detecting Breast Malignancies
Han B-K, Schnall MD, et al: AJR; 2008;191 (December): 1798-1804

Pancreatic Cancer: Is Contrast-Enhanced PET/CT Preferable?
Strobel K, Heinrich S, et al: J Nucl Med; 2008;49 (September): 1408-1413

O-15 Water PET Useful for TBF Studies
Lodge MA, Jacene HA, et al: J Nucl Med; 2008;49 (October): 1620-1627

Rapid Uptake, Contrast Washout Seen in Tumors
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Equipment, IV Contrast Important in Breast MRI
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Contrast Kinetics Classified in BI-RADS MRI Lexicon
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

New BI-RADS Terms for Breast MRI Enhancement
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Breast MRI Has Good Sensitivity, Moderate Specificity
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Cancer Risk for Foci of Enhancement Not Negligible
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Breast MRI Helpful for Local Staging of Breast Cancer
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Breast MRI Assesses Pectoralis, Chest Wall Involvement
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Breast MRI Helps With Clinical Management Decisions
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Breast MRI Helps Exclude Invasive Cancers
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

Breast MRI Helpful for Detecting Cancer in High-Risk Women
Jessica W.T. Leung, MD

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