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Practical Reviews Online, December 15, 2008

January 1, 2009
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Table of Contents

Radiology Resident Training: Europe vs America
Stephen R. Baker, MD

64-MDCT Effective for Evaluating Aortic Valve Area
LaBounty TM, Sundaram B, et al: AJR; 2008;191 (December): 1652-1658

64-MDCT Accurate but Can’t Replace Conventional Angiography
Miller JM, Rochitte CE, et al: N Engl J Med; 2008;359 (November 27): 2324-2336

dPA Does Not Correlate With PH in Fibrosis Patients
Devaraj A, Wells AU, et al: Radiology; 2008;249 (December): 1042-1049

Diffusion-Weighted Echoplanar Imaging Prevails in Hepatic Metastasis Dx
Bruegel M, Gaa J, et al: AJR; 2008;191 (November): 1421-1429

What Causes Hepatic Surface Nodularity in Fulminant Hepatic Failure?
Poff JA, Coakley FV, et al: Radiology; 2008;249 (November): 518-523

Hepatic Adenomas More Common, Numerous in Patients With Liver Steatosis
Furlan A, van der Windt DJ, et al: AJR; 2008;191 (November): 1430-1435

How Accurate Is CT Colonography?
Johnson CD, Chen M-H, et al: N Engl J Med; 2008;359 (September 18): 1207-1217

Tip-to-Carina Distance Easy Check for CVC Malposition
Wirsing M, Schummer C, et al: Chest; 2008;134 (September): 527-533

Neck Planar Imagining Demonstrates Superiority to SPECT
Ho Shon IA, Yan W, et al: Nucl Med Commun; 2008;29 (November): 949-955

Blunt Intestinal Injury Diagnosis: A Needle in a Haystack
Ekeh AP, Saxe J, et al: J Trauma; 2008;65 (August): 354-359

FDG-PET/CT Protocol Stages Breast Cancer in One Session
Heusner TA, Kuemmel S, et al: J Nucl Med; 2008;49 (August): 1215-1222

PET/CT Differentiates Benign vs Malignant Bone Lesions
Strobel K, Exner UE, et al: Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging; 2008;35 (November): 2000-2008

BI-RADS 0 Considered a Positive Interpretation
Edward Sickles, MD

Know True-Positive Rate Before Attacking False-Positive Rate
Edward Sickles, MD

Simple Equations Help Monitor False-Positive Rates
Edward Sickles, MD

Recalls Reduced 2-Fold by Reading Prior Films
Edward Sickles, MD

Patient Cooperation Key to Obtaining Prior Films
Edward Sickles, MD

1-View-Only Findings May Reflect Summation Artifacts
Edward Sickles, MD

Deep & Obscured Lesions Cause 1-View-Only Findings
Edward Sickles, MD

Most Doubtful Mammographic Findings Are Benign
Edward Sickles, MD

Repeating View Helps Establish Summation Artifacts
Edward Sickles, MD

“Probably Benign” Lesions Have Good Prognosis
Edward Sickles, MD

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